Jenny McCarthy Changes Her Tune From Cure To Recovery

I was doing some crunches this afternoon when I heard that Jenny McCarthy was going to be a guest on Ellen. I've been a supporter of her autism crusade efforts and I'm eager to read and review her new book. The only thing I've taken issue with in the past was Jenny's use of the word cure when referring to her son's autism. It was interesting to note that right at the top of the interview Ellen states something like " you're not claiming your son has been cured are you?" It seems as if Jenny's prior use of the word cure has given her some flack and a reason to backtrack on her previous claims of a cure. I'm glad to hear that she is now using the word recovery instead. Some may say I'm just arguing about semantics but I think it's important to use the correct terms so we don't give false hope. I'm all for recovery and wish all people with autism could be given the opportunity to do so!

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Tracey H said...

I have to agree Wanda. When my mother phoned me and said that Jenny believed she had "cured" her son, my first thought was "Wow, why isn't she in The New England Journal of Medicine, then?"

I'm glad to hear she has decided to describe his remarkable improvements in another way.

I had issue with the term "cured" as well. I'm thrilled to hear that her son is recovering!!

Sharon daVanport said...

I am happy to hear about this as well. I take issue with the word "cure" as it seems to draw distinctions as to what autism "is NOT."

I like the way John Elder Robinson (author of "Look Me In The Eye") responds to people when they comment that he "must be cured" because he doesn't act "autitistic." John uses the analogy of an alcoholic who is in "recovery" but still and will always remain an alcoholic.

Besides, autitics (especially Aspies) are excellent mimics & actors.....most of us absorb our environment and learn most social skills which allows us to live, work, and raise our families right alongside neurotypicals.

Neurodiversity has it's challenges but neurotypicals have theirs as well!

Thanks for posting this update - great to know!

how614 said...

I am not a number one fan, but I will say that she has been a strong voice.

I have heard her use the word recovery before the Ellen show

I am sure on some level, if one sees tremendous growth and development you think cure

I thought I would come and see Jenny bashing here, I am glad I have not because then I would have written something totally different.

She is still a mom with a child living with autism and for me thats enough to take my hat off because that in itself is not an easy road.

What I would like to know is has the formal diagnosis changed? I am more in tune with John Elder Robinson I think. Do I want to change the outcomes YES!
"If you always do what you have always done - you will always get what you always got"
I don't lower the bar because someone else thinks my son can't do it.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about Jenny's poor choice of words in the past. I hoped someone in the medical or autism community would point this out to her. Looks like Jenny's taken somebody's advice and "changed her tune" as you said!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad to hear that she's not using the word cure any more! I was really irritated that she would use a word like cure... as if!
It's unfortunate since some people would of honestly believed her, myself not being one of them. I'm optimistic coupled with realistic.
Yes things can get better even for the more severe autistics with alot of work on the parents end as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and behavioral specialists,tss's, aba's, psychology, psychiatry,iep's, special diet's, medications think that what works for one will work for the other would be wrong. There is no special pill or special diet that will work like a miracle. I think it's important to make that very clear so that parents that have just recently found out that their child is autistic aren't misguided and that they realize the reality of the situation. It takes a lot of work, both mental and physical and a lot of patience too.
The fact that our children are autistic will never go away but that's okay and it doesn't have to be the end of the world in fact in a way it's a gift as well as a curse. The trick is to praise their gifts and work hard on correcting that which is considered a curse.
As for Jenny McCarthy, well she's in the same boat that we are in so I can't hold her choice of words against her since she was grasping at straws. We have all been in denial at one time or another. As for the word recovery I'm not sure how i feel about that word either but it's much better than cure.


YvonneEloise said...

As an Aspie, I take issue with Jenny McCarthy rushing into public statements as facts about autism or aspergers, when she knows so little about it. I also take issue with the press who pushes her views because she was a playboy bunny and a celeb, her only qualifications besides having a child like many do with autism. By promoting a conspiracy theory of vaccines and linking it as a disorder that can be cure, a great deal of harm has been done in many ways. Now she is backtracking when her son is following the same pattern as most Aspie and Autie children on progression at 4 or 5. She need to calm down and talk wot women and men who have aspergers or autism. I was diagnosed at 56.. never knew I was an aspie before that time. My mother was an aspie. I don't need a cure or recovery, nor did she, and feel insulted that McCarthy would think I had a mental problem. At least I did not place silicone in my breasts. Lets talk motherhood and parenting. I feel our society is in a crisis of parenting and feel too many who are celebs are the last who should be looked at as parent role models. At least my mother did not line up men as fathers for her children for whims and simply thought marriage was just a piece of paper... What a thing to relay to young women who look up to celebs. I think Jenny needs to examine her own parenting before she attacks society and really belittled Aspies.

Anonymous said...

Jenny McCarthy is doing what any other celebrity would do. She’s getting as much fame and fortune as she can. It doesn’t matter if her child is autistic or not. Who cares if it hurts others who are dealing with family members with true autism (low or high functioning). Who cares if she doesn’t know what she’s talking about? Who cares if she lied? Who cares if her son simply had another disorder or medical disorder other than autism? Who cares if what she does hurts autism research? Or services given to families who have children with real autism? Let’s just give her a round of applause for her academy award performance. And let’s give a special standing ovation to the intelligent, critical thinking, classy and caring and honest folks who stand behind her. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some videos on you tube that show hardcore autism (autism seizures) (autism self injury) I wonder if Jenny M. and others who claim to know something about autism know or have ever considered this side of autism. Surely, they can't, but who cares, right?