Teen with Autism Spectrum Disorder Missing in Toronto

Toronto police have been searching for 16 year old autistic teen since Wednesday, May, 27. On Tuesday evening Mason MacPhail was attending an all ages concert with his friends on Polson Street at The Docks. Mason became separated from his three friends at 9:30 p.m. Mason was supposed to meet friends at the venue's parking lot at 11:30 p.m. but he didn't show up. The last communication with Mason was through a text message to his mother that evening. Mason McPhail lives in Lindsay, Ontario and he is unfamiliar with Toronto and has a limited sense of direction.

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Missing Autistic Boy Found Wimpering In The Woods


On Sunday evening in London, Ontario, four year old Daniel Connor went missing from his family home. His disappearance set off panic in his parents since the boy has autism. The nature of autism can make a child more vulnerable and gullible. After a search party involving volunteers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics and an RCMP helicopter, it was a neighbor who found Daniel. The neighbor, Al Tipping, participated in the all night lookout for Daniel. It was in the early hours of Monday morning that Tipping was alerted by the boy's wimpers in the woods. It's been reported that Daniel was missing for eleven hours and he is the youngest of eleven children. Daniel's mother Debora Connor is thankful for the quick response and assistance in her son's search.