Autistic Man Swims Across Lake Ontario

It's been a tough couple of weeks dealing with the rotten smell from Mike Savage's garbage. Pheeew!!!

On a more positive note, Jay Serdula has challenged himself and the world to take notice of his learning disability and his athletic ability by swimming across Lake Ontario. A brave undertaking to say the least and certainly a more welcome positive light to shine on autism for a change!
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Let's Take The Mike Away From Mike!

I'm not familiar with radio talk show host Mike Savage but I do know that he is sadly misguided and misinformed when it comes to the topic of autism. Apparently he referred to the autism epidemic as a fraud and the people diagnosed with autism as brats! Wow, isn't it a shame that people with a public platform are free to make general statements on asinine whims just because they sit in front of a mike and broadcast out over the airwaves? This kind of nonsense is harmful. It can put autism crusaders back a few steps because undoubtedly some listeners will agree with this jack a**'s point of view! I agree with the National Autism Association that there needs to be a retraction, an apology and equal time given in support of autism awareness. Looks as if I'm not missing much being deprived of the Savage talk show. Who's the real brat in this story?

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