Celebrities Sound Off On Leary's Autism Comments

I'm afraid that Denis Leary is getting just what he wanted which is public exposure for his new book. Slamming the autism community with comments about lazy children and competitive parents, Leary resorted to the shock jock approach to getting . All the talk about the chapter Autism Schmautism in Leary's book "Why We Suck: A Feel-Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid" is better than doing a book tour for sure. To make matters worse he tried to dissuade the backlash mentioning his involvement with a friend of an autistic child. It's kind of like a racist saying " I'm no bigot, I have black friends." In any case, we're not buying it Denis! This comedian's attempt to make a funny at the expense of the autism community has resulted in adding to the public's misconceptions about the true nature of autism. Shame on you Denis! Hope you get burned trying to put the flames out on this one!

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Be Leery of Denis Leary!

Another public figure has gone and done it again and by this I mean opening his mouth and spouting off gibberish as if he has any authority or clue to voice his opinion on the topic of autism! Actor Denis Leary has written a book and decided to mouth off about autistic children and basically he is full of sh*t! I don't know if he did this just to get people all rilled up so they would talk about him and his book or if he's trying out some new material for his stand up routine. Whatever the reason it's destructive to the autism community! I hope Jenny McCarthy gets a hold of his cell phone number and gives him a right good blasting! I used to be a fan but now I despise the man!
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Jenny McCarthy Changes Her Tune From Cure To Recovery

I was doing some crunches this afternoon when I heard that Jenny McCarthy was going to be a guest on Ellen. I've been a supporter of her autism crusade efforts and I'm eager to read and review her new book. The only thing I've taken issue with in the past was Jenny's use of the word cure when referring to her son's autism. It was interesting to note that right at the top of the interview Ellen states something like " you're not claiming your son has been cured are you?" It seems as if Jenny's prior use of the word cure has given her some flack and a reason to backtrack on her previous claims of a cure. I'm glad to hear that she is now using the word recovery instead. Some may say I'm just arguing about semantics but I think it's important to use the correct terms so we don't give false hope. I'm all for recovery and wish all people with autism could be given the opportunity to do so!

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