Hex on Rex!

First it was Michael Savage, then Denis Leary and now we have Rex Reed adding himself to the list of recent celebrity autism bashers. I'm very dismayed by the circumstances surrounding Reed's comments considering he was reviewing a movie called Adam which involves the topic of Aspergers. To add insult to injury, Reed comments that he knows people with Aspergers. So let me get this straight, this makes it alright for you to slam everyone on the spectrum then? Reed's stereotypical statements are hurtful and politically incorrect to say the least. I'm not sure if this haggard hasbeen is looking to get some attention- you know that old saying, "any press is good press" -or if he has a giant chip on his shoulder for individuals with ASD. I'm not going to repeat his comments here. If you want to bother reading Reed's review then click on my title Hex on Rex! To view an insiders review of the movie Adam then check out Jake Crosby in Age of Autism.
Picking up the pieces and moving on, once again.