Jenny McCarthy On CBC Show The Hour

Jenny McCarthy's autism crusade is going strong and gaining momentum with her frequent tv appearances and the ever-present support of her partner Jim Carrey. She is going to be an interesting person to follow and probably one of the loudest celebrity to make some noise about autism awareness. See my You Tube Video Bar for proof! Recently I saw her on the CBC television show The Hour and thought it was one of her most candid interviews to date. Host George Stroumboulopolos must have put her so at ease that she felt comfortable enough to slap both his cheeks with her own enthusiasm! Jenny later says "it takes a bit of crazy to change the world". You go girl!

Click on my title to visit CBC'S "The Hour" or search on You Tube.


Anonymous said...

Where does Mccarthy get her inspiration and belief that influences her writings and claims about curing her autistic child? First, her kid was never autistic. He was misdiagnosed, which isn't hard to do, if you don't wait. The doctor didn't wait. He did a drive by analysis and diagnosed her son in one day. Moreover, Jenny McCarthy get her inspiration to deceive and lie-as she smiles and sells her product, from people like Esther Hicks (LAWS OF ATTRACTION) and Eckette Tollte (power of now). Dear Ester and hubby Jerry Hicks, BY THE WAY, present workshops on the Law of Attraction and appeared in the first release of the film The Secret The Hickses' books are — according to Esther Hicks — Channelled from a group of ALIEN BEINGS called Abraham (Hicks describes what she is doing as tapping into "infinite intelligence.. This explains why Jenny, in her intellectual (ha, ha) book, “mother warriors,” TAPS INTO THE SUPERNATURAL AND tells the reader, she prays to the dead. It also explains why mCcARTHY thinks if your child isn’t cured of autism, then you must not want to ‘be left alone in autism”. In short, if your child isn’t cured of autism and you challenge her on her non autistic child getting healed OF AUTISM, U MUST BE jealous, and must not want to be left alone in your smaller universe OF NON HEALED AUTISM...May McCarthy be exposed for the fraud she is. And for the lies (mixed with truths) and misinformation (mixed with facts) she is spreading. These are the most difficult people for other people to spot, especially when they are posing as servants of "righteousness" and "helpers" and "healers." Modern day charlatans.

Merryann Munster said...

Well said anonymous!!!

I have had it up to here with Ms. McCarthy. Not only has the supposed reason her child 'got autistic' been labeled a fraud by The Lancet, but her own pediatrician is now speaking out against her.
Anything to make a buck, no matter who it hurts.